Webasto sunroof repairs essex

Here we offer a wide range of variations: from sliding headliners, right through to manually or electrically operated roller blinds with or without mandrels and side guides.

The Hollandia 400 is individually adapted to the interior trim and is an optical highlight in any car.

Our extensive options also includes high-end selections like electrochromic darkening technologies.

What could be better than feeling the sun on your skin, breathing fresh air and enjoying the feeling on your day-to-day drive?

Product quality takes top priority at Webasto – as does the professional installation by exclusively trained and certified partners. The classic pop-up roof convinces with its modern design and technical finesse: the pane of glass can be completely removed.

Over five million Webasto roof systems are fitted ex works every year. The Hollandia 100 opens up fresh air comfort at an affordable price.

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