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I would suggest re-submitting this with instructions tied in so everyone knows how to play.A stylish 60s themed world full of hidden contraptions and clever logic based puzzles.I marked most of my puzzle only to realize I had made a mistake, but there was no way to salvage the game other than to restart.Maybe a hint button that shows the number of mistakes in a given row or column?

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I can see myself addicted to this type of puzzle with a little more polish. You already know to add more puzzles, regrettably I don't have the patience or the time to finish the puzzle (first picto game I've ever played) but it is very entertaining for those puzzle heads.A bit cumbersome I liked it, having no experience with this type of puzzle, but there's not a whole lot to it.It would be nice to have some sort of feedback for when you make a mistake.Between every sequence can be one or more empty squares. - Click to fill a square; - Shift click to mark an empty square; - Ctrl/Command click to erase a square.I hope you like it, I'm planing to add other puzzles soon.

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