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I don’t see myself moving home anytime soon, if ever.

My American husband and I have known each other almost 20 years, married now for 10.

Our local council actually thought we fell into this bracket, and we were asked to provide additional proof that we were not bogus applicants - it all seemed a bit too convenient to them that we happened to move in a few weeks ahead of the application deadline.

We managed to prove ourselves and when it came to “offers week”’ (which brought me right back to my CAO days), our boys were accepted, but honestly we would have been happy with any of the schools on the list.

No religion is allowed to be taught in US public schools and to me that’s a huge benefit.

I haven’t attended Catholic Church in years and am pretty much non-religious, so not having to think about it in school applications is a big plus.

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The children go to a large private international school which is British curriculum.My eldest will move on to middle school next year, spending three years there followed by four years at high school.My older nieces and nephews in Ireland are in Leaving Cert and Junior Cert cycles, and I’m honestly glad my kids won’t have to face that in the US.We will return to our small village in North Cork next May for our little girl to make her first holy communion, which is important to us as a family.As we live in an Islamic country there is no option for Catholic instruction in the school so I am preparing her myself, with the help of our parish priest in North Cork and curriculum books.

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