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"Getting these last two have been big for us," coach Kyle Shanahan said.

"I hope that continues to lead us into playing better this week.

It will take a better effort to rattle Jimmy Garoppolo, who has led the 49ers to two straight wins since moving into the lineup.

Don't forget to grab a bite to eat: San Francisco's a foodie's paradise featuring great high–end places like Gary Danko and Boulevard, not to mention more casual spots like Manna and Chutney.

The series dates back to the year of the AFL-NFL merger (1970), when John Brodie threw three touchdown passes in a 30-20 49ers win at the Astrodome over the then-Houston Oilers.

The Titans prevailed 34-27 in the most recent meeting in San Francisco in 2009.

Whether that is De Marco Murray, Derrick Henry or some combination of the two, the Titans need to bounce back against a 49ers rushing defense that is in the bottom third of the league.

Defensively, the Titans have been doing well against bad quarterbacks in recent weeks.

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