Radgrid not updating after delete

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This caused the error since N - 1 rows were affected due to the trigger deleting one of the child entities itself before entity framework tried to delete it.

Just make sure table and form both have primary key and edmx updated.

If it's consistent, odds are it's happening within your own logic (EG: You're actually updating the data yourself in another method in-between the select and the update), but it could be simply a race condition between two applications.

Just clear the fields for insert, update and delete that is located in Mapping Details for a given entity in your edmx, and it should work.

Are you able to view the SQL commands going to your database (EG: SQL Server Profiler for MSSQL)?

Hi, I am using Telerik product for my web site development.Message & "');") End Try End Sub Private Sub Populate Record For Grid(By Val vstr Param Group As String, By Val vstr Param Text As String) Dim ds Record As New Data Set Try ds Record = get Record By Type(vstr Param Group, vstr Param Text) ajax Grid Param Grp.Data Bind() Catch ex As Exception Throw ex End Try End Sub hi, marcoscavaleiro, Thanks for your reply, i have try gird_name.I tried the following approach to access the value of the Read Only field in the Update Command event. This topic discusses how to call the Need Data Source event after command execution with viewstate disabled Enable View State = false.Even the hash table have all the fields values but these never been passed to update command for me. The example provided below is for Delete command but the same stands for any other command type you invoke and handle in the.

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