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Fancy meeting somebody you might ACTUALLY hit it off with? A brand new dating website that finds out who YOU are and who you’re looking for and gives you both the chance to meet each other.Koort Me is the best matchmaker you ever met as it could introduce you to the best person you have never met. Go to to get your Christmas love lights on!Me with 11% of Today FM listeners indicating an interest in online dating (TGI 2015), however this is a cluttered market with many newcomers.The relationship that Today FM has with its audience would be key in building trust with an online dating brand, to this end we needed on-air talent to voice ads and talk about the product on-air to reinforce the message and alignment with the Today FM brand.We wanted our solution to provide its members with an authentic Irish dating experience, filling a gap in the Irish online dating market.Creating a memorable and relevant name for our audience was of utmost importance and so was born; a play on court/courting which is part of the Irish dating vernacular.

When compared with White Label’s other partners’ conversion rate (6% to 8%), both in Ireland and in the UK, this is a phenomenal result and reinforces the affinity between the Today FM audience and Koort. Me from online and into the everyday lives of our audience.Online To convert our digital audience and raise awareness of the launch to our 750k Unique Users on Today, we developed and ran billboard and MPU display ads.The ads were tested across 2 weeks to determine the best performing day parts so that we could weight the activity at these time; the morning commute, early afternoon and throughout the evening converted particularly well for us.We know that social media is a great platform for creating awareness and so our social platforms were key in launching the new product, particularly leveraging the Today FM channels.By amplifying the launch through Today FM social media and digital channels we forecasted an increase of 25% in registrations, which was realised in week 2 of the launch.

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    And in India they tend to cook with hobs so not oven, which makes it a hard sell,' she explains.