Online dating profile tips attract men

Eliminate photos with duck face, a mustache, you in the car, selfies in your dirty bathroom, your 24 cats, artsy photos that don’t actually include you, pics when you were slimmer or heavier, all group photos (which one is YOU?

), your cleavage by itself, broody black and white portraits, weird angles that are a misleading trick, anything from more than one year ago, party photos, photos of you with kids, that cute pic with your ex cut out (or left in) and anything that would make your grandmother glare at you disapprovingly.

Weeding out men who are wrong for you is a key skill in all dating.

However, you don’t achieve this by telling guys what you don’t like seeing on your profile.

If you aren’t attracting the guys you want, it’s often written in plain sight on your profile.

Have a friend or family member take a look who you know will be brutally honest. This part isn’t exactly part of your profile but it involves how you respond to the guys who take the time to email you. Say you get an email from someone you just aren’t attracted to or who happens to mention several of your absolute deal-breakers in his profile. You can write back a short note mentioning that you don’t think it’s a good fit (don’t give reasons, you aren’t breaking up with anyone) and wish him luck, or you can just not respond and then delete the email.

Do not criticize, call the guy a creep or even say anything if it’s really bad. There is no sooner way to disappoint yourself and a total stranger than to be unsure of what you’re doing. Have you had more success after editing your online dating profile? MORE: Ladies, Listen Up: Your Worst Online Dating Mistakes (According to Men) Elizabeth Stone is the founder of Attract The One.

Do not be offended by the way he approached you or mention that you’d like him to say more than just “hi”. If you’re hung up on someone else, have recently broken up or are half-in, half-out of a relationship, step away from the computer. If you want more real secrets to online dating, you’ve got to check out this video by Michael Fiore. Her popular program Ex Attraction Formula, has helped hundreds of women reunite with their men.

Explaining how you’ve been burned super badly in your past and now you’re bitterly searching for the right person isn’t exactly a siren call to the menfolk.

Neither is mentioning that you dislike cheaters, games, drama, man children, bullshit, heartbreak, blondes, liars, meatheads, bar flies, jocks, pictures of penises, brunettes, assholes, goths, creeps, losers, chubby guys, Jersey Shore extras, skinny guys, commitment phobes, and/or sex addicts.

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