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3) Empty td, th tags; script tags ----------------------------------------------------------------- Tidy ignores empty table cells and does not try to strip them.Same goes for empty script tags with src attributes.Tidy is therefore over zealous in removing them, the solution is to do to Tidy what it does to empty spans, get rid of it. 4) Empty thead, tfoot tags----------------------------------------------------------------- The warnings are also issued for documents that are considered valid "XHTML 1.0 Strict" by the W3C Validator.

Empty tags can also occur as an artifact of server-side scripting; if $notes is empty, so is the tag (this case can be avoided, I know).

They're valid, Tidy should keep it's thieving paws off.

- As a general rule, "linters" should not take a dislike to things simply because they don't understand them.

This is not necessarily a bad thing (even if it does sometimes lead to 1x1and friends).

As concrete examples, Tidy will strip an empty s that are intended as hooks for CSS background images (commonplace rounded box code).

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