Did camilla belle dating joe jonas

Oh, what a tangled dating web those Disney ‘tween stars weave.

Fresh from a highly publicized breakup with “10,000 B.

From taking strolls in New York’s So Ho district, or hitting the gym together, Jonas and Turner are practically inseparable now!

Below are other women on Joe Jonas’ girlfriend list. What looked like a friendship developed into something rather intense.

Her beau, Joe Jonas, was also at the event, but they were not photographed together.

Turner confirmed their relationship via an Instagram post at the start of the year with a picture of Joe Jonas captioned, “Miami Daze.” Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been dating since November 2016, and they appear to be going strong!

(Splash News) AJ Michalka revealed in a Buzzfeed interview that not only did she date Joe Jonas back in 2006, but he was also her first kiss!

Joe Jonas was first linked to Taylor Swift in July 2008.Although Justin Bieber is the king of rumored (and confirmed) relationships, Joe Jonas comes in at a strong second.From his early loves who inspired quintessential tween pop songs to high-profile breakups — *cough* Taylor Swift *cough* — it seems that Joe’s love life has been through the ringer. At the ripe ‘ol age of 24, Joe seems to finally be settling down, but still has a hefty list of exes who many may (or may not) have forgotten about.(REX/Shutterstock) Joe Jonas started dating Gigi Hadid in Oct. “I think it’s interesting that she moved on so quickly.I mean it was definitely very quick,” he said in a Daily Mirror interview.

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