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Milk (dairy) Kefir culture can be used with cow milk, goat milk or coconut milk.Water Kefir Grains can be used with sugar water, juice or coconut water.Fermented foods are essential to introduce to the GAPS diet from the very beginning and kefir can be managed after whey and yoghurt have been successfully introduced.

That is why it is essential to introduce for people with yeast overgrowth.Whilst yoghurt carries some very beneficial forms of beneficial flora, Kefir has been known to carry colonies as large as 27 different strains or more, many of them of which have great yeast killing properties.Fermentation predigests the dairy, making it easy for our digestive systems to handle, that is why fermented foods are easily digested by people who have digestive disorders.It is said that the people of this region were gifted kefir grains from Allah, or God.At the beginning of the 20th century, Russian nobel prize winner E.

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