Dating saeed

Media watchdogs started to realize that they are both dating when regularly.

Surprisingly Humayun Saeed reached the opening ceremony of drama Bashar Momin without being invited at the ceremony.

“There are a couple of things I’m looking into but I cannot confirm anything until I know,” he said.

Regarding any possibility of a Jal reunion, Farhan didn’t give a concrete answer:- “Goher and I are still friends.

They were both found enjoying the ceremony together and even Humayun Saeed reached media wall without management’s permission to meet Ushna.

Ahmad was driving westbound on the BQE, near Centre Street in the Red Hook-Carroll Gardens area early Friday morning when he slammed into a concrete barrier, police said.

But now there has been another news that Humayun Saeed is dating actress Ushna Shah.

Actress Ushna Shah is the leading character in drama serial Bashar Momin.

He was born on 12 December 1988 in Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan.

Bilal Saeed mainly works in Pakistani Music Industry and He released many popular albums. He received several awards, like PTC Punjabi Music Award and Brit Asia Awards.

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