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He doesn’t imagine that soon he will forget this purpose and will discover that the earth, the sowing and sharing with the workmen become a source of passion for him.Octavio meets Maricruz while he is traveling around the lands and catches his foreman trying to take her on.Assuming a false identity, he takes a job at the Monterde ranch to be close to his prey.His vengeance is perfectly planned except for one unexpected development: he and Camila fall passionately in love and that changes everything.We announce it now because we have a lot of confidence and we know that nobody is going to separate us,” she revealed.Brenda added that Ferdinando is a very important support in her professional and personal life; However, she did not want to use that to boost her career.

Daniel suddenly receives a letter stating that he has come into a substantial inheritance and must travel to Mexico to claim it.

Surprised and curious, he’s about to make the trip when a vicious lie disrupts his plans and lands him in prison, causing him to lose the inheritance and his family.

Sometime later, deeply bitter and hungry for revenge, Daniel travels to Mexico determined to destroy the Monterde family, which he blames for his terrible misfortune.

He has no idea that his fate is linked to the Monterdes in Mexico, or how drastically his life will soon change.

Thirty years ago, Daniel’s late mother, Agatha, had an affair with Daniel Monterde but never told her son about it, or that she named him after the man she loved.

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