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The Tri Wood definitely adds some pop and makes for a low maintenance durable finish.

Wood stands proud of all steel parts and is tightly fitted to the barrel. There is little evidence of custom fitting to the mating components, only place it might be touched by a human is top back right inside corner of the foregrip, where it meets the top barrel.

The mating locking bolt [P-160] runs the full width of the monoblock, is highly polished and has a large radius roundover on the top.

The bolt is held open by a spring loaded locking lever [P-031]. They press into holes in the receiver and are held in place by elastic pins [P-026].

They are connected together at 3 points only, the monoblock, a central dovetail and at the front hanger.

Considering they are 32" barrels they are light, the whole barrel assy is 1.53kg (not including chokes) and balances out right at the central dovetail joint. Mechanically it's fairly conventional, which is a good thing.

For tools, you get a 3 allen keys for adjusting the front grip and a small Torx T6 for adjusting the trigger.

It's too bad they didn't figure a way to put the T6 in the tool holder, instead it comes loose in a plastic bag.

Biz first, here's some useful links and documents: Terminology: manual: ... Fabarm provides a generous kit; a locking plastic Negrini case with keys, which I believe to be TSA approved, 5 of newest 97mm Exis chokes (SKT, IC, M, IM, F), a proper choke wrench, and some tools.If true, one could shift the Cof G even further by switching to Kick EEZ or Pachmayr pads.I'm somewhat sensitive to recoil, but found this factory setup very comfortable to shoot thru multiple sessions.I imagine that getting lost real quick, and who has a T6 sitting around to replace it??Wood (walnut) on this gun is ordinary with wide straight grain.

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