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Appropriate laboratory experience that combines elements of theory and practice is included in each student’s program, together with extensive computer-based experience. A graduate course or colloquium in a topic related to graduate studies in Aerospace Engineering. This design work will involve detailed design of efforts in such areas as: landing gear design, systems design, propulsion system integration, structures design and aerodynamic design.

Completion of the KU Core is required in all majors. This course does not count towards hours needed for completion of degree program. Prerequisite: AE 507, AE 521, AE 545, AE 551, and AE 571.

Many graduates are CEOs of major companies or enter fields like medicine or law.

The mission of the school is to provide students a high-quality educational experience, to generate and apply knowledge through research, development, and scholarly activity, and to serve society, the state of Kansas, and the engineering profession.

KU permits dual enrollment in 2 academic divisions. Exceptionally qualified undergraduates may be admitted directly to a Fast-Track Ph. Students who obtain a GPA below 3.0 will be placed on academic probation or dismissed from the School of Engineering.

Some foreign language courses may be applied toward graduation in engineering programs. Study of inlets, compressors, burners, fuels, turbines, jets, methods of analysis, testing, performance; environmental considerations.

A foreign language that is similar to the native language is not acceptable.

Each department recommends certain courses be used to fulfill the KU Core within each major to allow students the greatest flexibility in degree completion. Prerequisite: Varies by topic or with consent of instructor.

In addition to completing each of the required and elective courses listed in the curriculum, Each engineering department specifies courses that fulfill these requirements.

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